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Abbie Bradshaw (UK) – Performing Arts
“Crawling the walls”
May 19 to June 09, 2023


An exploration of the relationship between the body in space, specifically in LAC to look to analyze its function in the past, present and future and its impacts on the body. My interests are the relationships they form with spaces based on their function. I will spend the 3 week residency using my body as an exploratory tool to embody space looking at what motivates our movement in space and how that is affected by its architectural structure, pre-existing functions and what is contained within. Solitary, to be, live or go alone without companions. Confinement, the act of confining or state or being confined. Together, I intend to explore the state you have entered when confined by space based energetically on what it contains and consciously on what it can become. Juxtaposing our solidary existences in the space we call the body Abbie will deliver a range of experiences about singular perceptions and how we individually experience the same event collectively as an audience. Crawling through walls is an expression to describe the physical and mental feeling that space can have about itself, metaphorically looks at a desired movement in space based on a feeling.


Abbie Bradshaw’s practice focuses on the relationship between body, space and object in the context of everyday life. Using performance, moving images, installation and sound she explores what motivates our daily movement and interactions within the environments in which we exist. Abbie’s work deliberately crosses the boundaries between art and everyday life, her work is influenced by her lived experience and existence. She uses instruction and choreographic objects as an artistic strategy, she challenges common movements and the performance of everyday life. In her time-based works, the artist’s body and the selected props serve as tools to raise questions about human and more-than-human interactions, as well as the routines that are formed through repeated encounters and mutual positioning constantly in a state of questioning the possibilities of spaces and objects if used in a different way, vis-à-vis their previous function in everyday life. Abbie is interested in how we perceive space and the objects in it based on their status in everyday life and what happens when this is changed. Does it change our view?