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Demystifying audio production in Ableton live, with Negoleo
Date: October 07, from 03pm until 05pm
Location: LAC – Laboratório de Actividades Criativas
Duration: 2 hours
Limited registrations: 15 students
Price: €25 per person


In this workshop, we will demystify the use of the computer as a tool for recording, producing, editing and finalizing not only music but also audio in general, using Ableton Live. This software is developed by a community of musicians, producers and programmers who are enthusiastic about music. From us to us!

Without complications and straight to the point with simple language that everyone can understand, we’ll give anyone who wants to know how to apply this software:
– record their work,
– producing music (acoustic and electronic, both, a mixture of the two)
– mixing and editing music.
– We’ll also introduce you to the software’s video function, which controls and generates images synchronized with the audio being played. Great for live video performance and also for soundtrack production and sound design.

Software that pushes our imagination to the limit, which we’ll be happy to break.

You don’t have to bring a computer, but you’re welcome to if you want to.
You can download the full version of the software free of charge for 90 days at

Let’s produce, we have the tools to do it!


Leonardo Cardoso Oliveira, better known on the music scene as Negoleo, is a music producer and artist with a passion for sound creation. With a career marked by the exploration of various musical genres and an unwavering dedication to the art of production, Negoleo has become a respected figure on the contemporary music scene.

In this workshop, Negoleo aims to provide a platform where participants can immerse themselves in the art of music production. His friendly and accessible approach allows beginners to explore the Ableton Live software in a practical and interactive way. With a commitment to inspiring creativity and enriching musical knowledge, Negoleo is looking forward to guiding participants on their own journey into music production.


Registration until October 5th, at LAC’s office or by filling in the following form. More information:

    On-line registration: payment by bank transfer to the bank account number indicated and proof of payment must be sent.

    NIB / IBAN LAC > PT50 0045 7191 40042784914 53

    + info > +351 927 609 959 /

    Att: No attendance at the workshop does not entitle the participant to a refund of the registration fee.
    Note: Under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), your personal data will serve exclusively for this process and will never be disclosed to third parties.