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Anne Luisenbach (DE) – Visual Arts

In artistic residency from December 5th, 2023 to February 29th, 2024

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“A journey to self and beyond. Using the residency at LAC to bring some of my explorations on a larger format. A presentation of what I‘ve recognized as a longing in me and in people. Working with sketches that I’ve created whilst travelling.

A longing for the past or future filled with wishing, expecting, hoping, fearing, regretting and despairing. This is how the longing seems to hover somewhere with slight melancholy in the infinite and limitless, far away from the present, in an unattainable distance. By withdrawing from the present, human creates a new world, longing as a form of fantasy. So one longs back in the past for the lost paradise or into the future ahead for a coming paradise. One longs for great happiness, for a loving human heart or, in another way, for rest and peace and, in the final form, for death. Does longing need to be satisfied at all or is it an indispensable desire without striving for fulfillment, a subliminal need that drives people and gives them hope? Is longing a natural part of human nature or could everything be resolved with more presence and awareness? I’m also curious to see how the location will influence my work.”


Anne S. Luisenbach is a self-taught visual artist from Leipzig (Germany), travelling since a few years, with breaks living in the UK, Ireland and Portugal. Since she can remember she has been drawing. Already as a teenager she‘s been part in group exhibitions. She continuously refined her skills and continued her education through practical experience and in various seminars with well-known artists. An individual training that enabled her to maintain and further develop her very own visual language. Luisenbach attended a few artist residencies and was part in many exhibitions (solo and group) mainly in Leipzig and Berlin. She is combining different media like acrylic, oil paint, graphite, charcoal and pastel in her work, using line, contrast and structure as her stylistic device. Her art is inspired through experiences, encounters, thoughts and dreams. Luisenbach is fascinated by interactions, her work examines conflicts and relations. It is like forming thoughts into figures and characters, sometimes showing weakness and fear, but meant as a guide for individuell understanding. She holds a diploma in media and publishing and also works remotely as children’s book designer for an non-profit association in Leipzig. You can learn more about her work at the following link: