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ARTURb 2023 > Invited Artist > Lex Zooz (EE)

Lex Zooz is a Estonian artist from small beautiful town Haapsalu. Since 2016 Lex working in his own decorative modern style as an urban mural artist, illustrator & designer of various projects. He links his own paintings mainly with nature of North, also with the water and its manifestations.

Lex believes the most important thing is to connect the physical and metaphysical worlds in a visual format and he is mostly inspired by natural phenomena such as the northern lights, dawn, sunset, fog, rain to create is own universe of ethereal landscapes and parallel realities.

Seeking the boundaries of visual art, Lex has done paintings in a variety of formats from catamaran yachts, satellite antennas to 8 storey buildings. Participated in various festivals and made murals in countries such as Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Austria, Malta, Lebanon, Spain, Portugal and also exhibited in Austin, Texas at the Volcom Garden Art Gallery.

Links: instagram | webswite

Funding: Direção-Geral das Artes and Lagos Municipality
Media Partners: Alvor FM, Barlavento, CIN, Correio de Lagos, RUA FM, Sul Informação, Tomorrow Algarve Magazine