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Guest Artist: Pedro Augusto
Oct 19 to 21, 2015 – E.B. 2.3. das Naus, Lagos


Exploration of different approaches to musical composition and, above all, to the way we listen to and even play our instruments.
We will look at them and discover other sounds, using less conventional techniques and ideas, always with an eye to the history and evolution of world music.
The work includes an informal presentation at the end of the workshop.


PEDRO AUGUSTO (Leiria, 1983)

Multidisciplinary artist established in the city of Porto since 2001. He has a degree in Plastic Arts/Sculpture from Faculdade de Belas Artes do Porto and a Masters in Linguistics (FLUP).
He has been developing regular activity in the areas of electronic music (performance), sound design and production, under the alter-ego Ghuna X. He has worked with artists and entities in the most diverse contexts, revealing a highly versatile and always experimental facet.
He has collaborated with Black Bombaim, Ana Deus, Alexandre Soares, Jonathan Saldanha, Vera Mota, Nuno Moura, Henrique Fernandes, etc., in several concerts and phonographic editions. He has developed original soundtracks for theater plays with Marionet (Coimbra) and for films by André Gil Mata and has, in the last years, been producing records of other musicians, such as Calhau!, Stereoboy or Capicua.
He is co-founder of the Porto collective Faca Monstro and of the independent and diy label Marvellous Tone, through which he usually publishes his work. He works as a monitor at Digitópia – Serviço Educativo da Casa da Música and is part of Digitópia Collective, an electronic music ensemble.