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Opening Party: Saturday, August 01, 2020
Patented: until October 02, 2020
Place: LAC – Laboratório Actividades Criativas
Price: Free Entry


Bringing the essential into being(s): “If someone asks me what the international artist Jens Mohr actually does with his art, I can only think of one answer: he makes “beings”. First of all, this has a tangible meaning: because what is created here is a host of literally peculiar, sometimes elusive, but always strangely familiar looking pictorial beings. The crucial point in Jens Mohr’s work on beings, however, lies deeper; it refers to the philosophical depth dimension of this “artistry of essence”: for the essence of a thing is the cardinal, the true, which of its own cannot be seen forthwith, but can express itself only in the embodied surface of things. The essence is at the same time that which as if from the depth of an invisible centre, combines all visible parts on the surface into a meaningful entirety.” – Jens Mohr 2020