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CERAMICS Laboratory, with Ricardo Lopes
Aimed at classes of Escola Secundária Gil Eanes, Lagos
October 13th, 14th and 15th 2021

CERAMICS Laboratory, with Ricardo Lopes
Aimed at classes from Escola Básica das Naus, Lagos
June 01st, 02nd and 04th June 2021


In this Laboratory we will give a brief introduction to Ceramics, a form of expression as primitive as it is contemporary, exploring the way it has accompanied the history of Humanity and showing the particularities of its aesthetics.

At a time when our hands are rapidly becoming virtual world controls and we no longer recognise in them the potential and ability to give three-dimensional form to our thoughts and emotions, contact with clay is even more important because it revives the ability to materialise things, to create using only a basic dexterity regulated by simple principles.


Ricardo Lopes, pottery ceramist, develops his work in the area of Contemporary Ceramics from traditional techniques. He concluded the Creative Ceramics Course in CENCAL in 2004. He carried out training courses in Poland, France and Cape Verde. Participated in several workshops on special effect glazes and traditional techniques. She was resident artist in Japan, China and more recently in India.

He also teaches Ceramics in various educational projects in the form of courses and workshops in museums, schools, ateliers, social centres and other public and private institutions.