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Collaborative Activity, with @Mad_Fildz
“Saia em Punho” project, 2020-presente
March 08th 2022
Centro Comunitário Duna, Lagos


With this project I intend to give written and pictorial “voice” through embroidery thread, a form of communication traditionally used by women (worldwide) and so often used as a tool of rebellion in its various, more or less subtle forms. Plastically, some of the pieces I intend to develop propose to challenge canons by evoking stereotypes of fashion and domesticity, and everyday objects associated with the spectrum of the human female* – not in opposition to these, but in their eccentricity and/or dispossession.

The materials I have been selecting, mainly textiles, invoke the traditionally feminine, domestic universe and establish a contrast with other materials and objects that tend to be attributed to the masculine universe. The tension between the materials and the working techniques applied will be a motive of study on my part, in order to amplify this dichotomy and ambivalence of perceptions and sensations. Simultaneously, the participative aspect of the project is crucial in obtaining comments and experiences from other women, which will be, in some way, incorporated in the pieces themselves.

The proposal is in the sense of a demystification of the feminine condition, in an almost playful process between the intimate and the public in the sense that, through details and precision (or lack of it), the spectators will be invited to observe and – literally – uncover real messages and experiences. Transposed to the artistic universe, participatory in the ultimate sense that the works are only finished when experienced by spectators, these anonymous individual expressions are intended to become an object of reflection and collective expression.

On Women’s Day, I continue the construction of a collaborative piece, which began in times of pandemic, and which is now being brought before groups of women in face-to-face meetings. After presenting the project, objectives and intentions, the invitation is extended to practical participation, calling not only for plastic intervention by each participant in the objects that will make up the final piece, but also for the exchange of ideas and partnership between peers.


MadFildz has a degree in Painting from FBAUL (2010) and a Master in Fine Arts (2012). She specialized in Mosaic, developed Installation projects and curated in several contexts. His work reflects an interest in the issues of technology vs. genetics and nature. Currently he is developing pieces that propose to question canons through the evocation of stereotypes, with particular emphasis on everyday objects associated with the spectrum of the human female – not in opposition to these, but in its (un)appropriation. She joined the LAC collective in 2020, and since August 2021 she has been the coordinator of the Association’s Education Service.