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Dates: October 8 at 06pm – Community Session / October 9 to 13 – Mural Painting
Location: Rua Mestre Romão, Bensafrim


Also on the program ARTURb 2023 program, a Community Session will be held in Urb. Municipal in Bensafrim, Rua Mestre Romão, on October 8, with local residents, in order to define the painting of a mural in the same neighborhood between October 9 and 13, with the artist Mariana Santos.

Mariana Santos

Mariana Duarte Santos was born in Lisbon in 1995. She studied at the António Arroio Artistic Secondary School and later completed the Drawing Course, the Advanced Course in Plastic Arts and the Individual Project at Ar.Co. Mariana has participated in several group and solo exhibitions in Portugal, Spain, the United States, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

In 2019, she created his first mural as part of the EDP Foundation’s “Public Art” project. Since then, she has taken part in festivals and public initiatives, with more than 50 murals to date throughout Portugal, Ireland, Spain and Luxembourg.

Her work is figurative in nature, mostly centered on painting and engraving and heavily influenced by other artistic areas such as cinema and literature.