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LAC and the Education Service


LAC’s mission, in this domain, is to structure an education project and artistic and cultural mediation, as a shared and participated process of access and approximation with arts and culture, in the field of non-formal education, paying special attention to the specificity of the public and taking into account the SDGs.

Education Service Programs


The programming being very varied, it tends to privilege the integration of artists in annual residency at LAC, among which: Patrícia Leal (Photography), Ricardo Lopes (Ceramics), MadFildz (Visual Expression, Drawing, Painting) and Nuno Murta (Sound and Dramatic Expression), divulging and promoting a variety of workshops, laboratories of artistic experimentation, in the most different areas. With the support of the Education Service, LAC organizes and accompanies the Urban Art circuit in the city of Lagos and integrates schools in the creation of thematic mural paintings in the school space. Workshops and ARTLABs are held at a single time, while courses, such as the Drawing Classes, take place annually. The pedagogical contents allow a better contextualization of the arts in contemporary times, help raise awareness of the indispensable role of art in history and the importance of stimulating creativity, fighting artistic barriers, and promoting active citizenship.

Regarding its definition, ART LAB is characterized as a laboratory of artistic experimentation, composed of artistic, technical, and educational exercises guided by the artists in residency. It is aimed at the school community, who want to actively participate in their community and expand their learning and skills.

The workshops can be more specialized, such as the Basic Watercolor Techniques Workshop, the Cyanotype Workshop, and the Ceramic Sculpture Workshop. These activities are usually guided by the artists in residency or guest artists and are intended for the general public.

The Education Service also seeks to respond to the specific needs of school groups, and has accepted challenges proposed by the schools themselves, in order to develop activities around class projects. These dynamics have allowed us to demonstrate the transversality of the disciplines and demystify barriers around the Arts in the community.

The team:

LAC has an education service team, whose profile and training meet the development needs of the activities framed within the organization’s mission and values.

Coordinator of the educational service: performs planning and implementation functions, such as the recruitment and selection of the training teams, communication and liaison with the different stakeholders in the processes, and monitoring and evaluation of the dynamics of the activities taking into account the specific objectives of each, such as: ART LABs, Workshops and Annual Courses.

Trainers and mentoring:

They guide the organization and planning of the activity/training;

They conduct the action according to the pedagogical objectives;

They provide and reflect a good atmosphere in the action, representing the values of the promoting entity.

• Secretariat: Guarantees the resources and logistical support necessary for the actions, provides information about access requirements, registration forms, event records, payments and refunds, and any other matters that may be necessary.

Goals of the Education Service, based on promoting accessibility for all and inclusion:

To encourage and promote the development of cognitive, motor, and social skills of children and adolescents, but also of adults up to senior age, whether they are part of training groups, or the general public, with the aim of promoting personal fulfillment in harmony with values of solidarity and social freedom;

To ensure the civic and moral formation of the new generations, stimulating respect, valorization of the diversity of personalities and individual projects, as well as the consolidation of values and cultures;

Communicate and raise awareness about the importance of preserving art and cultural heritage;

Ensure equity of access to arts education and educational resources;

To promote social integration, locally and regionally, as well as nationally and in Europe.

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