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Ester Andrés (PT) – Artes Visuais

In annual residency at LAC – Laboratório de Actividades Criativas since 2022.


O meu trabalho desenvolve-se na experimentação, descoberta e liberdade, de materiais, técnicas, formas, cores, texturas, linhas, composições, luz, sombra, direcções, etc. Nesta residência pretendo continuar a explorar esta linguagem num projecto de paisagem urbana, que neste caso será a cidade onde estou, Lagos.


Ester Andrés, born in 1987 in Silves, graduated in Painting from the Faculdade de Belas Artes de Lisboa in 2010. In the studies he developed we can find analog photography, stop-motion, scenography, art-education, art therapy, silkscreen, batik, glass, among others. It is in this freedom associated with the Arts (of expression, language, experimentation and discovery, without borders or limits) that he moves. She has spent the last years traveling through Africa, Asia, and South America, where she accumulated many experiences, knowledge, and materialized some social projects, combining her passion for traveling with the Arts and working with children. He currently lives in the Algarve, working mainly in painting, murals and art education, and has also recently started exploring the art of ceramics.