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Date: September 02, 2018
Place: LAC – Laboratório Actividades Criativas
Price: 3€


This electronic fig picking ritual will bring together different musical machines that through digital and analog synthesis bring us danceable rhythms and frequencies reverberating on the walls of the old Lagos jail.


Cutoph LIVE + Sweet Bandido LIVE + Visuals Virgin Ruhm


Sweet Bandido, having spent his youth on the desert plains of southern Portugal, the so-called “sweet bandit” uses two synthesizers and a rhythm box to amplify unfamiliar sonic mirages, fusing electronic rhythms with the bizarre stories of his people.

Cutoph, while paying homage to the sounds of 90’s digital synthesis, Cutoph’s sound has become very much his own. Always accompanied by his trusty blue Monomachine, he controls the many buttons that re-configure his human thoughts as organic, vibrant, and very danceable(!) music, sailing through oceans of intricate, ever-evolving harmonies.

Virgin Ruhm aka MG Posani, is an Italian queer “visual witch”. Coming from graphic design, and moving in the direction of electronic visuals for music and film, it mixes analog inputs with digital outputs and digital inputs with the real world.