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Jens Mohr (DE) – Artes Visuais

In artistic residency from 01 until 26 July, 2023

In artistic residency from 04 until 30 July, 2022


Bringing the essential into being(s): “If someone asks me what the international artist Jens Mohr actually does with his art, I can only think of one answer: he makes “beings”. First of all, this has a tangible meaning: because what is created here is a host of literally peculiar, sometimes elusive, but always strangely familiar looking pictorial beings. The crucial point in Jens Mohr’s work on beings, however, lies deeper; it refers to the philosophical depth dimension of this “artistry of essence”: for the essence of a thing is the cardinal, the true, which of its own cannot be seen forthwith, but can express itself only in the embodied surface of things. The essence is at the same time that which as if from the depth of an invisible centre, combines all visible parts on the surface into a meaningful entirety.” – Jens Mohr 2020


Born in 1971 in Siegburg, Germany. His artistic career began in 1990 and he has been active ever since. He started exhibiting his work mainly in Germany in 1993, and since 1997 his pieces have also been shown abroad. Jens Mohr creates strange and humorous artistic pieces from everyday found objects. Each of them arises spontaneously and intuitively. For the most part, Jens uses the objects in the original condition in which he found them. His independent creatures are expressive characters. He has been living and working in Bonn, Germany, since 1997.


2000/ Forever Friends Museum from Stadshof, Netherlands
2006/ Forever Friends Museum Dr. Guislain, Belgium
2016/ Triennale of Self-Taught Visionary Art, Belgrad, Serbia
2017/ Franz Kamlander& Co:Animal Afforts,gallery gugging, Austria.
2017/ More than a bird, 25 years of artistic friendship birdman and jens mohr, gallery gugging, Austria
2019 / Street F.O.O.D. , O.D. Gallery, Amsterdam
2019 / LAC – Love All Colors , O.D. Gallery, Amsterdam
2020/ ladies brut, gallery gugging, Austria
2021 / Come Together, O.D. Gallery, Amsterdam
2021 / Curated by Daniel Spoerri, gallery gugging , Austria
2021/22 otherwordly , gallery gugging , Austria