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KUKA (PT) – Visual Arts

“Emoções e Criaturas”

January 15th until January 30th


The project aims to stimulate, give space and tools to children who are not living with their parents for some reason (illness, abandonment, death, etc.)

We, parents who have children by our side, know very well that, with this society of high consumption and valuable time, which is established, the time left over to make room for this activity, so necessary and valuable, sometimes does not exist.

Thinking about fears and good things, creating, exposing feelings is essential for children who were deprived of a family environment, with their parents, it is good that they have this stimulus and can expose it through the creation of a painting job, in this case.

Sometimes the task of people who fill the role of parents in institutions is double work because they also have their children at home at the end of the day looking forward to moments like these, to create, paint, expose emotions.