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Date: December 01, 2023
Time: 03pm
Location: LAC – Laboratório de Actividades Criativas
Price: Free Entry

Bring your own snacks, plates, cutlery and glasses. Drinks will be sold at the bar. All activities are by donation.


We are currently navigating many challenges, both local and global, that affect us all, and it is important that we call for community unity and support and, at the same time, equip ourselves with the tools and create a support network to get through them, as calmly as possible but necessary.

A more informed community, the sharing of anxieties, listening to different perspectives and calling for conduct based on concepts of regeneration, full listening, broad vision and determined action.

We’re ending the year and this cycle of Integral Meetings with the theme “Local Challenges”. On the afternoon of December 1st, we’ll bring you in-depth conversations that touch on the challenges of motherhood, non-violent communication and the hot topic of housing, in a documentary and discussion format with hand-picked guests. Finally, we’ll have a (shared) Dinner Without Borders, to say goodbye to 2023 while tasting the cuisine brought to us by the different cultures hosted in the area, and sharing memories and inspirations.

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Marina Mendes

A Lisboner with roots in the Barlavento, she has been dedicated to projects focused on sustainable fishing for the last 14 years. Realizing the need for space(s) and time(s) to socialize in the region, he plunged into the desire to provide solutions and also support informal projects that promote the sharing of knowledge and activities in person, boosting, integrating and enhancing the skills and values of the community.

Rita Silva

Curious Lacobrigense, passionate and proactive, is dedicated for 20 years to projects serving the eco-social regeneration, involving herself in various contexts, methodologies and structures. With a degree in environmental engineering, and allied to her curiosity, she walks several parallel paths, from education to social and community work, art, culture and also movements of cities in transition. Profession? Maybe activist or community catalyst. She believes in the impossible and in creating new paradigms.

Sara Cerejeira

Born in Lisbon, she studied audiovisuals at the António Arroio Artistic School, and her professional career was dedicated to cinema and also to television fiction. She attended the Conservation and Restoration course at FCT and three years ago she moved to the western Algarve where the doors were opened to other passions and opportunities, among them, getting her hands on the land, continuing to evolve in video editing and being part of a cultural association. However, from his difficulty in finding a regular meeting place for residents with common motivations, and from his desire to bring the community together, he launched into the realization of this possibility of organizing moments of tertulia and sharing that could serve as a starting point for cultural, environmental and social actions.