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MOSAIC Laboratory, with MadFildz
Directed towards the classes of Clube Escola Azul, Lagos
November 09, 16, 23 e 30, 2023


This is a project activity in which you’ll get to know the mosaic technique in its most basic form. The aim is to stimulate creativity and at the same time achieve a different understanding of the materials available, broadening awareness of their plastic possibilities. Starting with a brief historical presentation of the technique and the variety of materials that can be used, each group will then define its project and select the relevant materials. Each participant will be able to build, individually or as a group, a small-format piece using one or more of the cutting, gluing and finishing techniques demonstrated. Finally, reflecting on the visualization of the pieces in the space, we will integrate them into the selected location.


MadFildz has a degree in Painting from FBAUL (2010) and a Master’s degree in Fine Arts (2012). She specialized in Mosaic, developed installation projects and curated in various contexts. Her work reflects an interest in the issues of technology vs genetics and nature. She is currently developing pieces that propose to question canons through the evocation of stereotypes, with particular emphasis on everyday objects associated with the spectrum of the human female – not in opposition to them, but in their (de)appropriation. She joined LAC’s collective in 2020, and since August 2021 has been coordinating the Association’s Education Service.