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Within the scope of the partnership between LAC and the Municipality of Portimão during the “Young March” program the artist Kruella D’Enfer created a large mural next to the Cardosas viaduct in Portimão. viaduct in Portimão.
“My intervention on the viaduct was inspired by elements of the Algarve landscape.
From left to right we can identify white arches that symbolize the architecture of the typical Algarvian houses, a frame with the sea, rosemary, oranges, and a praying mantis that plays with the rest of the flora that is also characteristic in the works I have done and that gives a certain continuity to the drawing, since only a part of the viaduct was intervened. Also, the fact that I used cement as a background makes the drawing more harmonious with the cement and brings a different texture that I could not achieve otherwise.

I thought that with a palette of lighter and more vibrant colors, on a flyover that is usually gray and in cement could make a good contrast to one of the main entrances in Portimão and thus bring a sense of relief, of joy, to people who pass by every day, who arrive for the first time, who come on vacation or go to work, in a period that has been so dark that we have gone through in the last year and a half”.

Kruella D´Enfer