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Dates: November 23 and 24, 2019 (2-day Workshop)
Registrations: Until November 21
Place: LAC – Laboratório Actividades Criativas
Horário: 10am to 01pm and from 03pm to 06pm
Price: 25€
Min. Age: 12 years old
Teacher: Vasco Belo Agostinho


What to practice, and how to practice, to be able to play and compose improvised music?
In this workshop we will address several essential aspects for the improvising musician such as theme analysis, how to make an improvised solo more interesting, how to play and manage a group, the roles of each instrument in a combo, and also the importance of musical language in improvised music.
All of this will be approached as if it were an essay. Thus it is suitable for all levels. It is intended that by the end participants will have the resources to become more autonomous in practicing and running their own group.


Composer, Guitarist and Pedagogue
– He has studied with musicians such as Barney Kessel, Al Galper, Reggie Workman, Red Mitchell, Jim Leff, Phil Markowitz, Armen Donelian, Bruce Barth, Ron Jackson.
– He began his career as a guitarist in 1991, playing since then with Albert Bover, Rui Teixeira, José Menezes, Paulo Perfeito, Carlos Azevedo, Hugo Raro, José Carlos Barbosa, António Augusto Aguiar, Marcos Cavaleiro, Filipe Teixeira, Acácio Salero, José Eduardo, Carlo Morena, Kevin Hays, Bernardo Sassetti, Chris Higgins, Ed Howard, Mário Franco, Carlos Barreto, António Sanches, Luìs Candeias, Alexandre Frazão, David Xirgu, André S. Machado, Carlos Vieira, Aldo Cavíglia, Nana S. Dias, Paul Young, Eduardo Santos, Chris Alexander, Klaus Nymark, Kiko, Danny Silva, David Murray, Toumani Diabaté, Michael Lauren, among others.
He recorded several discs of which we must highlight:
– “Fresco” with Vasco Agostinho’s quartet, with Jorge Reis, Hugo Antunes and Bruno Pedroso;
– “Tu Não Danças” with Rui Teixeira’s quintet, with Rui Teixeira, Hugo Raro, José Carlos Barbosa, António Augusto Aguiar and Marcos Cavaleiro
About Vasco Agostinho in the press it was written:
– João Pedro Oliveira in Diário de Notícias, April 8, 2006 “(…) remarkable security of speech as a guitarist and in the solidity of his universe as a composer.” 4/5 stars
– Raul Vaz Bernardo in Expresso, June 10, 2006
“The clarity of his phrasing, the ideas and emotion put into the music attest to an instrumentalist of enormous potential with an enviable compositional ability. (…) the thematic quality is a constant. Another admirable factor in Fresco is the empathy between the musicians of the quartet. (…) (…) guitarist full of artistry, with a musical lucidity reminiscent of Jim Hall.” 4/5 stars