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Since 2002, LAC has promoted an annual contest for the cession of Ateliers that operate in the cells of the old Lagos jail that houses LAC, which has been fully occupied throughout the last years.

However, although the occupation rate is 100%, the need was felt to stimulate a change in the creative processes resulting from the projects developed so far, promoting a greater exchange with other artistic realities that can stimulate the training of resident artists.

PRALAC – Artistic Residencies Program of the Laboratory of Creative Activities was created. PRALAC promotes the development of projects that stimulate creation within the various artistic areas. It is intended to attract to LAC’s space proposals that show contemporary approaches, that establish connections with the city where LAC is located, promoting the exchange with other realities, crossing experiences of creators from different origins, who will develop artistic projects, of any kind, individual or collective, whose space needs are compatible with the available space.

PRALAC also intends to promote research within the artistic areas, providing for such access to the Documentation Center available on the premises, enhancing the creation of new documentation that will be accessible to the public.




This program aims to provide working spaces for the development of proposals from artists in different areas, fostering the exchange of ideas and creation between local artists and visiting artists.

The artist residencies will have a maximum period of 3 months, depending on the needs of each project. This program will be launched throughout the year and access to it can be by invitation or by application.

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This program is the result of the previous competition for the cession of ateliers and aims at the annual cession of 11 cells to artists living in the Western Algarve, with the objective of promoting local artistic production, creating creation laboratories and stimulating contact between diverse artistic areas.

Access to this program is made through the presentation of a project that aims at the development of artistic creation on a continuous basis.

Those interested should apply annually for the artistic residency competition for the Western Algarve annual projects, which takes place every year during the month of December.

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