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In annual residency at LAC – Laboratório de Actividades Criativas since 2014.

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Like the sensations of the rising wind in September, Staccato Limão’s Windy Rock brings us candor and intensity at the same time.

It is precisely this dialectic of contrast that illustrates a band that would feel comfortable playing Demis Roussos covers in a cheap hotel, an empty casino or a club with dubious clientele, while at the same time delving into the complexity of the existentialist word.

It is in the dichotomy between a vast harmonic palette and the density of a voice almost always in internal dialog – which wanders between the low register of a crooner and a nonchalant rocker – that Staccato Limão find the (dis)comfort of their aesthetic. It is this contradiction that brings vertigo to a clean, breathing rock language that blows us away.

Staccato Limão draw their energy from the sun, the wind typical of the Vicentine coast and the waves of that sea, but it is the moon that causes the tides.