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STENCIL Introduction Laboratory, with @Mad_Fildz
Aimed at participants of the program Março Jovem, Portimão
March 28th, 19th and 30th 2021

STENCIL Introduction Laboratory, with @Mad_Fildz
Aimed at classes from EB1 S. Pedro, Monchique
March 25th 2021


In this workshop, participants will acquire basic theoretical and practical knowledge, for the creation of a stencil, which they will have the opportunity to apply in a collective mural. Through a theoretical presentation, based on the visualisation of the work of several renowned urban artists, participants will learn about some methodologies of creation and pictorial application of the stencil technique. Together, we will create a set of stencils that will be tools for pictorial intervention, of creative application on a wall in a process that aims to foster creativity, observation skills, critical thinking and collective and cooperative work.


MadFildz has a degree in Painting from FBAUL (2010) and a Master in Fine Arts (2012). She specialized in Mosaic, developed Installation projects and curated in several contexts. His work reflects an interest in the issues of technology vs. genetics and nature. Currently he is developing pieces that propose to question canons through the evocation of stereotypes, with particular emphasis on everyday objects associated with the spectrum of the human female – not in opposition to these, but in its (un)appropriation. She joined the LAC collective in 2020, and since August 2021 she has been the coordinator of the Association’s Education Service.