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STENCIL Laboratory, with SAMINA
Aimed at classes from EB 2,3 Tecnopolis
December 06th, 07th and 09th 2021


The intention of the stencil workshop is to give participants the basis for creating an artistic work using the stencil technique. Furthermore, everyone will have the opportunity to participate in the creation and realisation of a medium-sized work on a wall by applying what they have been taught.

After a theoretical presentation on the technique, participants will carry out an exercise of creating a stencil based on the same process used by the trainer and urban artist SAMINA. The workshop aims to foster each one’s creativity and decision-making by applying the previously acquired fundamentals in a mural painting in the city of Lagos.

In short, participants will have the opportunity to learn more about the technique, work together and apply it in an urban context.


SAMINA (1989, Setúbal)

From an early age he had contact with the world of arts, especially with drawing and painting. At the age of 14, he started spreading stickers in the streets and thus discreetly entered the world of Street Art.

For a few years he followed the growth of the movement and, as a self-taught artist, he grew as an artist. It is during this time that he discovers the stencil, and in 2010 he feels able to produce larger and more consistent works.

Since then, Samina continues in the constant search for new stimuli to experiment with each work she makes, uniting her language to stencil techniques, and graphic elements that come from her references in the world of street art, graphic design, painting and architecture.