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Stop Motion and Sound Design Workshop: Claymation, with Marta Belo and Marta Gonçalves
Date: March 16, 2024
Duration: 3 hours (10:00 AM to 1:00 PM)
Target: older than 6 years old
Price: 30€ p/person (material included)


In this workshop we’ll discover one of the techniques of animated cinema, claymation (animation with modeling paste).

We’ll start by watching some examples of short films made using this technique and then we’ll create a story and turn it into a claymation short film for which we’ll also create sounds using sound design.

It will be an opportunity to learn about the various roles in a film production, from script to characterization, art direction, sound and directing, and at the end participants will have a record of the film they made and can revisit it whenever they want!

This workshop promotes: creativity // fine motor skills // freedom and plurality of expression // reading aloud // cooperation and group work skills // socialization // time management skills // confidence // communication and decision-making skills // critical thinking skills


Marta Belo

Marta Belo graduated in Communication Sciences – Cinema and Television from Universidade Nova de Lisboa in 2010. Since then she has worked as a freelancer in video and photography production and post-production, with a special interest in cultural, educational, artistic and community projects.

As an artist, she creates keyframe animations from digital cut-outs (from photography, drawing, painting, etc.), and explores the potential of light refraction through various surfaces and elements in search of abstract worlds and emotional narratives.

She is also currently part of Cinema À Margem, a project that aims to bring the experience of cinema back to areas where it no longer exists.


Marta Gonçalves

With a career marked by music and sound, Marta stands out for her playful and experimental approach to art. She uses the “learn to play” methodology in her workshops and events, using experimentation and sharing as a pillar of learning. With a degree in Musical Sciences and experience as a music educator, she seeks to explore new dimensions of sound in a fun and creative way. With a taste for inspiring and involving, her aim is to transform the workshops into a journey of discovery, demonstrating that experimentation and art go hand in hand in the search for new sound expressions.