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ARTURb 2023

ARTURb 2023 (Artistas Unidos em Residência) invites Lex Zooz (EE), Nuno Viegas (PT), Rita Ravasco (PT), Snik (UK) and The Caver (PT).
August 28, 2023

ARTURb 2023: Snik (UK)

SNIK is a duo of invited artists who will participate in ARTURb - United Artists in Residence 2023.
August 14, 2023

ARTURb 2022

ARTURb 2022 (Artistas Unidos em Residência) invites André NADA (PT), Cardoz (PT), GAT.UNO (PT), Patrícia Mariano (PT) and Pedro Podre (PT).
September 15, 2022

ARTURb 2021

INVITED ARTISTS BIGOD(PT) HUARIU(PT) MARGARIDA FLEMING(PT) TAMARA ALVES (PT) Curated by Sofia Fortunato.   CALENDAR Artistic Residency – October 11th until the 30th, and November 22nd until the 29th Exhibition…
July 25, 2022