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Date: April 12, 2019
Place: LAC – Laboratório de Atividades Criativas
Price: 4€


What happens when you manage to put one (or 2) car(s) together and some of the best national musicians with solo projects? And what changes when you keep doing it for 5 years? How many are 5 years in Cube years? Actually a lot has changed but a lot remains the same. UM AO MOLHE leaves everything behind and hits the road again, and O Cubo (the festival mascot) takes along some of the most original solo musicians in the Sapo and the Kátia (the cherished official vehicles). The main objective is, as it has always been, to promote a sample of the best of what has been done in terms of single bands in Portugal and to create a circuit for the growing number of emerging musicians. But 5 years of Cubo are many years and O Cubo is today more mature and needs to feel a bigger purpose. The Cube today wants to do less but better. The Cube wants to be surrounded by friends. The Cube wants to be a festival with principles.


Daily Misconceptions | O Manipulador | Acid Acid


Daily Misconceptions is João Santos when he departs from home electronics, with melodies that alert us to future states of unconsciousness, and becomes a sound architect with constructions as creative as they are generous, capable of making the most somber of listeners dream. O Manipulador is Manuel Molarinho’s one-man-band, influenced by alternative rock bands and DIY ethics, that finds inspiration in abandoned industrial landscapes, in the rhythms and melodies of conversations and in experimentation. Acid Acid is a journey that one feels, sound waves and electrical impulses of uncertain destiny and appropriation by each being with incessant curiosity. Acid Acid is Tiago Castro and his paraphernalia of instruments ready to leave us in a trance.