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VISUAL ARTS Laboratory, with Ana Bellande
Aimed at the Primary School of Espiche, Lagos
October 25th, 26th and 28th 2021

VISUAL ARTS Laboratory, with Ana Bellande
Aimed at classes from Escola Básica das Naus, Lagos
June 08th, 09th and 11th 2021


In this laboratory we will develop some techniques and discover images that may arise from surprise or play, experimenting with textures, shapes, stains in order to meet the expression of each one, through different approaches, in a playful way combined with surprise, avoiding the expectation of a defined result. The main focus will be on creative process and discovery!


Ana Bellande, illustrator, artist and teacher. As an illustrator she develops her work in the area of editorial illustration and as an artist in engraving. She has participated in international competitions and collective exhibitions. She gives classes in drawing, engraving and plastic expression. She studied Fine Arts in Buenos Aires and has training in illustration and contemporary art. She lives in Portugal since 2005.