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Guest Artist: Stefan Osnowski
April 4 to 8, 2016 – Júlio Dantas Secondary School, Lagos


Not only is woodcut printing one of the oldest high-pressure techniques, it is also one of the most prolific.
Despite the starting restrictions, this working method allows you to achieve an impressive aesthetic and artistic quality. To discover the complexity of woodcut, the students follow step by step the sequence of this very particular technique, with its specific challenges.
Following the entire artistic process – from cutting the wood to hand printing – allows the participant to creatively explore all the valences of the technique and accentuates the enjoyment of discovery.
Techniques to be developed: black-and-white printing; dot accumulation; scratching; color woodcut; erasure technique; multi-plate printing, etc…


STEFAN OSNOWSKI (1970, Germany)

Lives and works in Portugal and Hungary.
Master in Visual Arts by the Institute of Fine Arts “Caspar-David-Friedrich” of the University of Greifswald / Germany, in 2000. Graduated in art and theater pedagogy.
Extended experience teaching visual and art education with children, teenagers and adults in Germany, Hungary and Portugal.