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LAC – Laboratory for Creative Activities is a non-profit cultural association, founded in 1995, based at the old prison of Lagos. Designed by Cottinelli Telmo, this building has its foundations laid on an old convent, making it an integral part of the local history. By reformulating the building's use, LAC instigates an interesting dichotomy of place highlighted by the stark contrast of restrictive prison walls vs. the freedom of creativity and independent expression. On becoming a creative space, the building has found a new lease of life with its cells being used as workshop areas for artists, whose work contributes to the revitalization of the building, giving it a new story.

LAC Association organizes artistic residences and its priority is to expand the PRALAC (a program which houses artists in the LAC), with the main objective of utilizing and promoting artistic creativity in the region, particulary in the Southest of the Algarve.

LAC develops several international projects such as ARTURb - United Artists in Residence, ROOTS and KICK IN THE EYE.

In 2012, LAC opened LAR Gallery, wich offers a space for different artistic forms and people to come together. The Gallery is an integral part of the building, housing artists in residence integrated in LAC.


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