Projectos // ARTURb

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ARTURb is a unique project in Algarve involving some of the biggest names in the street art scene.
This project includes an artistic residence at LAC, followed by a collective exhibition and several street art interventions in Lagos city.

During the residence artists are free to develop their work inside or outside LAC space which is available for any intervention, adaptation or artistic creation.

Arturb is a project with the concept of art on tour and national and international artistic exchange based on the local coexistence.
This event allows the exchange of ideas; the presentation of new concepts; the confrontation of aesthetic and cultural realities; an unusual experience and the free circulation of art.
The purpose of this residence is to create synergies between the talent and artistic participation in order to encourage and add value to the cultural tourism of Lagos city.

Thus the city has gained physical and artistic testimony and today has works by some of the most representative authors of contemporary urban art, such as, ROA, BEZT, ARYZ, SAINER, C215, ADD FUEL, DRAW, among others.

Alongside with this project comes ARTURb In My Wall, a form of appreciation and promotion of ARTURb, arounding the attention of the population and visitors to the residence that takes place in September, in LAC.