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Workshop Physical Theatre - Building Characters

Workshop in Physical Theatre - Building Characters 

by Rita Rodrigues 


January 16th, 18th, 23rd & 25th (tuesdays & thursdays) 2018

6pm to 8.30pm 
in LAC 
You have till January 15th 2018 to apply through | +info +351 967451383
20€ per person | Maximum participants: 12
Minimum age: 16 years old 

"We are the starting point; our body, the way we walk, eat, run, dance. With all these that we observe in ourselves ... we create!

But if we were a little would we do it all? Let's try it out? How do we feel? How does it feel to be another within us? Maybe the "other" is a bit of us...?

We do. We try and who knows, maybe, we create."