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Since 2002, LAC has been opening annual applications to grant studios that use the cells of the old town jail building that hosts LAC. During more recent years occupation of these studios has been total.

Although the occupation has been at a level of 100% a need has been felt to stimulate a change within creative processes resulting from projects developed until now, by promoting an increase in the exchange with other artistic realities that might stimulate new developments of the resident artists.

Having established that it is fundamental to restructure LAC´s cell granting program, its name was changed and PRALAC- Programa de Residências Artísticas do Laboratório de Actividades Criativas (The LAC Artist-in-Residence Program) was created.

PRALAC promotes the development of projects that stimulate creative production within diverse artistic areas. The intention is to attract to the LAC space; proposals that demonstrate contemporary approaches, that establish connections to the town where LAC is located thus promoting an exchange with alternative artistic realities and inter-linking the experiences of artists from diverse backgrounds who come to develop artistic projects of any genre, be they individually or collectively owned and whose space requirements will be compatible with that which is available.

PRALAC equally aims to promote investigation within artistic areas and will therefore provide access to the documentation centre available at the LAC installations. This will energise the creation and acquisition of new documentation accessible to members of the public who request consultation.