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ROOTS is a project that intends to approach the issue of slavery through a contemporary vision, creating new routes and cross-cultural flows, through the reflection of the cultural diversity of the (ex)- colonial and colonized countries and their influences in the creation of a global and plural miscegenation, questioning and identifying the roots of this process.

Initiating with the discovery of a "cemetery" of former slaves - in physical terms an old city "waste heap" with 155 skeletons found piled on top of one another, in Vale da Gafaria - LAC decided to carry out the ROOTS project, inviting artists from visual arts, music, dance and performance to an artistic residency and giving them the freedom to collectively or individually develop a work that has as a starting point the reality of slavery.

ROOTS alludes us twice to the original meaning of the word, in the sense of the slave ripped away from the ancestral roots, or roots which, over time and successive generations were created in the countries of destiny, shaping it´s contemporary cultural identity, as for example is evident in the cases of Brazil and Cape Verde. It also refers us to the idea of route, itinerary and voyage, departure and arrival gates, where Lagos is an example and an active participant.

In 2017, the project returns to Lagos, it´s initial location, to from here strengthen it`s international profile and prepare to reach other continents and other cultural realities, equating from new and different perspectives, the historical and contemporary dimensions of the slavery phenomenon, it´s causes and /or political, social, economic and cultural consequences.

In the future, it is hoped that artistic residencies /events will be carried out on this theme by way of different connections made with the creative mass of participating countries and the experience acquired.